Friday, August 14, 2009

3, no 4! Short Things

1- BetterBirth's clinical training program is having a 50% off tuition special right now. Go see. These are a great group of midwives I've worked with before and hope to work with again. Fantastic teachers, AND their clinical program sets you up in an apartment right by the birth suites.

2- Great instructional short on sterile gloving from a midwifery program in Australia.

3- I stumbled on this collection of pictures (and a few videos) of newborns (normal and abnormal conditions) from Stanford School of Medicine. Very useful! The "warning graphic content" just means there are pictures of breasts in the breastfeeding section and some shots of naked baby genitalia. The videos of circumcision are not for the faint of heart, though.

4- And finally, I'm signed up for NRP in October at a local hospital--if anyone in my area wants to come with, I'd love the company.

Coming soon: doing birth research

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