Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of Apprenticeship

Yesterday was my first day apprenticing (although I did some 4 or 5 years ago). I plan to work with more than one group of midwives, but this group is excellent so I'm starting here.

This is my watch. I remembered my preceptor was very specific that apprentices need to wear watches with a second hand for births and prenatals. Waterproof=a good idea.

Nervous. Elevator.

We had two prenatal and one postpartum visit. I got to help with some things (checking urine, checking blood pressure) and watch others (blood draws!). The clients were all very patient and lovely, but of course I can't post pictures of them. Don't be silly. Privacy!

I studied and filled out MANA statistic forms between clients--we had a couple cancellations, so it was a slower morning than expected, but a good one!

You can see more about where I'm apprenticing at: The midwives there are fantastic, and great teachers.

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