Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Memorize Medical Terms

So, I'm taking medical terminology right now, and it's sort of painfully addictive, the learning and memorization of words for things I have only an as-yet-tenuous knowledge of. But, since I'm nearly done, I thought I'd post my tips.

  1. Break it down

  2. The easiest way for me (former English major) to learn words is to learn the roots, suffixes and prefixes. Wikipedia has made a handy list, and most medical dictionaries list them too. Learn the roots, learn the words.

  3. Use a trick

  4. like mneumonics! This link makes some comically random ones, but not all are G-rated, so use at your own risk.

  5. Sing it

  6. Digital Flashcards

  7. Sometimes it just boils down to hardcore memorization. Nothing wrong with that, but if you have an iPhone, there's a handy app called iFlipr that lets you set up digital flashcards to use while you wait for carpools, in dentist offices or on hold with the water company. Nothing wrong with plain old 3x5s, either.

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