Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holistic Adventures

Well, it wasn't the flu, and I recovered quickly. It's amazing what drinking more fluids and getting more sleep can do for a body.

Also, I'm in a class called Holistic Health this term at MCU, and so I decided to try some of this stuff. I should stop and explain here that there are many different kinds of midwifery students (and midwives, for that matter). There are sweet baby sniffers, woman power hippies, researching evidence students, and natural living gals. I'm not a natural living gal. I eat fast food (sometimes). My kids watch TV and except for a brief run at cloth diapering, wore plastic diapers. I have a garden, but it's not organic. I'm just not that gal. I love those gals. But I'm not them.

For the sake of learning, though, I thought I'd give some of this holistic stuff a try (and of course, share the process with you, loving reader!). I'm sprouting some sprouts, making my own cream cheese, yogurt and whey, maybe some sourdough, a couple nutritive broths (mmmm), and a green drink. Should be fuuuun.


  1. You've done sourdough before, though. I remember you bringing some to a potluck gathering of some sort. It was good enough to leave an impression!

  2. baby sniffers? that would prob be me. which one are you?