Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifts for the Student Midwife

A couple things I got for Christmas and am really happy about, as well as some I wouldn't mind getting someday.

Mainly, I like this model because it's what one of my preceptors uses, and I've found it very convenient. You put it on the wrist, put the wrist at heart level and it starts. No rolling up sleeves to armpits. It's battery operated, quite accurate, and has NO TUBING. If you've ever had to untangle a stethoscope, a Doppler and a sphygmomanometer that got thrown in a bag together, you know. No tubing is a beautiful thing. I'm excited about mine (thanks, huz!).

Again, my preceptor has one of these and I sort of want one for home use, as well as midwifery. I wish I'd had it when my little ones were littler. It's a thermometer you wipe across the temporal artery (temple) rather than inserting it anywhere. I know! LIKE STAR TREK MEDICAL BAY!
Really, the huge thing about this is you can take a client's temperature without them having to hold something in their mouth, so they can continue talking. And you can take a baby's temperature while they sleep or cuddle with mom-don't even have to peel an arm away to get axial access. Taking a baby's temp while they nurse is a good thing.

Waterbirth. Pants. Really, any kind of waterproof running/athletic pants will do, but the huz said this brand was good. No more wringing out your pants while you drain the birth pool! Wheee!

Paired with a cool T-shirt about ovaries and you're good to go.

Next year I'll try to post a list BEFORE Christmas. Happy New Year, everyone!

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