Friday, July 9, 2010

Menstrual Cycle Chart

So, I made this last week, with younger women in mind. I had this thought I would make it really cute and stylish, but it's fairly plain. Maybe I'll dipsy-dot-doodle it up later and add written instructions.
But, it's simply a Menstrual Cycle Chart for women who NOT trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy (ie, women who aren't sexually active, or are surgically sterilized, etc.). Notice how there's no spot for listing intercourse? Some of us just like to know what's going on!


  1. Dangit, mine isn't loading. But I hope you have some of those cute sayings on there, like 'Happy Period!' or 'Yay, menstruation!' /sarcasm

  2. Oh, also? I think it's a really good idea. Sorry, should've led with that.